From the time I got filled with the Holy Ghost

there has been a holy fire in my bones.


Leonard Ford was born and raised in Arkansas. He graduated from Little Rock Central High School in 1976. 



He was married and born again on June 10th 1980 to his wife Jessie.


He answered the call to preach in November 1981, then in June of 1982 he quit his secular job to go into fulltime ministry.


Prophet Ford has traveled into 37 states and travels into Africa, Europe, Britain, and the West Indies. 

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I started my ministry unheard of and unknown. Everywhere I went in the beginning I went uninvited and unknown. I would fast and pray until God spoke to me and told me where to go. I would advertise the meeting and believe God that someone would come.
Within two years I had been invited to preach in 22 states. By the time my ministry was five years old I had preached in three foreign countries, was hosting my own telecast, and had published my first two books. The amazing thing is I had never even preached a meeting in my own home church. Finally my pastor asked me to hold a meeting in my home church. I want you to know that God will do the same thing for you if you will obey him and stay under spiritual authority.

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